Bidding Increments
The bidding increment minimum values are determined by the current bid value on the item as follows:
1 - 50 USD: Minimum increment = 1 USD
50 - 100: Min. increment = 2 USD
101 - 250: Min. increment = 5 USD
251 - 500: Min. increment = 10 USD
501 - 1000: Min. increment = 20 USD
1001 -10000: Min. increment = 50 USD
Over 10001 USD: Min. increment = 100 USD.
Item Watch
Item watch notifies you when someone bids on the auctions that you have added to your Item Watch.
Proxy Bidding
To place a bid enter the amount of your bid in the "Place Your Bid" box on the item description page and click the "Place bid" button. Your bid must be equal to or greater than the Minimum Bid amount specified. Please only enter whole dollar amounts. Any fractional dollar amounts will be rounded up or down automatically.
On the next page you will be asked to confirm your bid. Make any necessary changes in the "Your (Max) bid" and click the "Confirm bid" button.
Note*** Maximum bid and proxy bid are the same thing. To place a proxy bid, just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Automatic bids will be placed for you up to your maximum amount.
Using proxy bidding, you can win the item at the lowest possible price. Your maximum bid is only placed when a competing bidder bids the same or higher amount.
Please note that if the current high bidder's maximum bid is higher than the bid you place, you are immediately outbid because your bid is not high enough to beat the earlier maximum bid. Remember: Proxy bidding will confidentially & automatically bid up to your maximum, but in order to avoid being outbid, you must have the highest maximum bid.
Also, if another bidder placed a higher maximum bid, your bid will increase to your maximum bid because proxy bidding bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid.
Anti-sniping feature
This auction implements an auto extension function to the auction closing time in which the closing time of an item will be extended by 90 seconds if someone places a bid in the last 30 seconds before the item closes. This has been activated in order to allow those bidders who lose to last second bidding (sniping) another chance to win the item by extending the time to bid.